Company culture

Who we are, what we build, and how we work.

Flexible Working Arrangements

We believe in providing a flexible work environment. We measure your success by what you accomplish, not by how many hours you can be found sitting in the office.

Local and global

Our offices are just off Moorgate in central London, but our engineering workforce is distributed. We do most of our talking in Slack, Zoom, and email.


What we look for in our people.


Take your time.

We believe in planning things out before we start to build. We solicit feedback. We weigh different approaches.

At the end of the day we're not shipping a hackathon project, we're laying the foundations of the future of global financial infrastructure. It's okay if it takes a bit longer to get it up and running.

Kindness and Empathy

Assume the best of each other.

We are deliberate in using words and actions that communicate our consideration, kindness and empathy. It is not enough to assume that your intent will be positively interpreted by others - you must work to make your positive intent felt.

We share our thankfulness when things go well. If we see something that we feel is wrong, we first learn context and rationale instead of assuming ignorance or bad faith.


Don't give up easily.

Building a bank is hard. It is going to take time, and it won't always be fun. There are going to be mis-steps along the way.

If we're not resilient, we won't make it. So we must be patient, and we must learn from our mistakes.


How we design our products.

Simple made easy

Reduce complexity where possible.

There is a lot about banking infrastructure that is inherently complex. For the most part, our customers don't want to have to deal with that complexity.

We look for places where needless complexity can be encapsulated. We then wrap those encapsulations in simple interfaces.

Security first

Everyone's not out to get us, but some people are.

As a bank, we will be a target for hackers and fraudsters. Everything we build needs to be build with security in mind - security of the end user, of the customer, and of ourselves.

This means having a mindset where security isn't "someone else's job". While we do have full-time security experts, everyone who works here is expected to be able to think from a security perspective.


How we run the company together.


Open by default.

We write everything down and make it freely available inside the company. We share as much about the company's higher-level functions as possible, from bad news to major strategic decisions.

Be Deserving of Trust

We measure ourselves against the highest standard of conduct.

Banks are regulated for good reason: we're responsible for keeping our customer's money safe. We take this obligation seriously, obeying the letter and the spirit of the law as well as going above and beyond to safeguard our customers.

We have an active and transparent relationship with our regulators and do everything we can to stay in their good books. We aim to do the right thing the first time.


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